Top Clinical Trial Supply Trends of 2024 and How to Plan for Them

As the life sciences industry continues to evolve rapidly, clinical research organizations (CROs) and trial sites are facing new challenges and opportunities in 2024. This webinar is designed to provide industry leaders with a deep dive into the most critical trends impacting clinical trials and the strategies needed to navigate these effectively.


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Tom Gregson
Vice President of Business Development, Myonex

Tom Gregson is the Vice President of Business Development at Myonex, a clinical trial supply company. With a decade of experience, he spearheads global sales of all clinical supply services, serving pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as CROs. Tom plays a crucial role in managing Myonex’s largest global clients and driving strategic growth.

What’s In The Webinar?

Patient Focus Increase

Recruitment is only the beginning, and the entire patient experience leads to higher patient retention.

One of the biggest focuses of 2024 is on the patient – from recruitment to retention, these elements of your trial quickly become key success factors. Sourcing strategies and site dependency can drastically impact your first patient in timelines and the retention efforts throughout the trial duration.

Vendor Consolidation

Reduce the number of
vendors and complexity

Managing multiple vendors and the dependency on them to cross-communicate and deliver on time requires you to be in control and accountable – even for things out of your control. Learn how to reduce that dependency and complexity.

Complex Trial Designs

Multiple treatment arms, physicians’ choice, dose escalation, umbrella or basket trial designs

A trend that’s only on the rise, what strategies can you deploy to ensure these trial designs don’t delay your trial or complicate your overall trial management.

Decentralized Clinical Trials with Direct-to-Patient (DCT/DTP)

Gaining importance in trials

Hybrid approaches to clinical trials only further push the focus around patient-centric trials. DCT and DTP approaches allow for further engagements from trial participants and offer convenience, potentially increasing patient recruitment and retention.

Shortened Start-Up Timelines

Quicker first patient in

Another critical aspect of your clinical trial – we’ll discuss the strategies available to accelerate your ability to meet first patient in and ensure the rest of your trial stays on time

Increased Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Removal of financial barriers/insurance co-pays to enhance study recruitment and patient retention

We’ll address the essential aspect of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in clinical trials considering FDAs guidance. The focus will be on the removal of financial barriers, such as insurance co-pays, to enhance study recruitment and increase retention. Inclusive trials not only fulfill ethical responsibilities but also contribute to more comprehensive and representative data, leading to better healthcare outcomes.

Key Takeaways

Better understand and identify the top industry trends being seen as it relates to drug supplies

How to strategically meet and exceed
these trends

Shorten timelines, reduce costs, and ensure your trial is faster, more flexible, and reliable